Reality Check

This morning I woke up in paradise.  I walked out of the bedroom, passed my son sitting in a hammock smiling at me, to sit down in front of an infinity pool with a beautiful green forest and vast ocean as its backdrop.  I sat down in front of the pool which transformed in a moment from absolute stillness to a vibration of ripples dancing across the water.  The result of an almost imperceivable breeze moving through the atmosphere.  This is my reality.  At least part of my external reality.  It may be a friend’s house I stayed at last night, but it is only a portion of the beauty and blessings I have the privilege to experience on a daily basis.

I am awed by the diversity that is my reality.  My life is a series of contrast and variety, from the beautiful nature and landscapes that surround me here in Costa Rica, to the isolated, reflective moments of silence and the multitude of human interactions I have living in an intentional community.  This is my reality.  I do twice as much in the course of the average day here in the jungle than I did when I lived in the United States, but I am half as stressed.  One year ago, during the MKMMA course I completed, I was renting a room from a friend and, consequently also losing that same friendship through the process of our cohabitation.  I was stressed, worried about money, lonely, fifteen pounds heavier, and heading into another stressful and challenging living situation.  And I was vulnerable and reflective of the choices, patterns, and habits that led me into those circumstances.  I was cultivating self acceptance, compassion, love, and appreciation.

Today, I live in a house in an eco-village in Costa Rica.  I walk with my son through the forest and over a creek to his school.  I eat health food in the dining space with all of my neighbors and a constantly changing group of visitors.  I hug multiple people daily.  I am regularly thanked and appreciated for being my true self.  I am free and have true health.  I am challenged in totally different, new ways.  I am constantly rising to the next best version of myself and embracing each aspect of the process.  Whether I am in the midst of witnessing my disempowering thought patterns dominate my mind or experiencing the bliss of listening to the sounds of the wildlife expressing itself all around me or dancing around a fire in the moonlight or having yet another epiphany, I am alive and present for all of it.  I am grateful for every part.  I am confident in my ability to meet each aspect of this life with openness.

And now, I am in the final stages of sharing the philosophies, principles, and concepts I have come to value and implement in my life with others in the form of a book.  Writing has always been a passion and a joy in my life.  And being a success published author has been a dream.  I began writing a book when I was ten about a boy who was stranded in a ravine after a car accident.  The story was focused on how he continued to create solutions to survive until he could be rescued.  In the meantime, he was constantly rescuing himself from these circumstances he found himself in until the situation changed.  Eventually, he realizes that no one knows he is in this chasm and that if he wants to live, he must rescue himself completely.  And to rescue himself he must embrace and harmonize with the environment around him.  He must focus on developing and strengthening his attention on what benefits the realization of his goal or desire and what distracts from it.  Although I am finishing a complete different genre of literature, the story is the same.  I am writing a story about how an individual can develop the tools, actions, mindset, and perspective that there is nothing to be rescued from and one already has all the resources required to live a full and thriving life.

A year ago, I was constantly trying to find solutions to get me through tough situations until the rescue party, aka Infinite Intelligence, showed up and brought me to safety.  This was my standard operating system.  Just keep my head above water and remain ever-optimistic that help is on its way.  The challenge with this way of being is you are constantly aware of the danger you are in.  Like the boy in my story, I was always focused on a way of getting out of my current circumstance, at least the undesirable ones.  Now that non-resistance and self acceptance are a way of life and not just idealistic concepts, I’m no longer keeping one eye on the horizon in search of the rescue crew.  I am meeting most moments in life with curiosity and trust.  And, most importantly, I am trusting the union between me and the intricate energy of the Universe.  I am free to move through life in peace.  I am open to seeing every part of myself and allowing it space in my reality.  There is no longer a right way, correct answer, or necessary change to hold onto anymore, because it is all existing in perfection.  This morning I awoke to a huge reality check.  My reality is profound and beautiful.  I am ever grateful for the scenery I find along my Heroine’s Journey.  Excited to see what the next stop will look like.  Hope you are all enjoying the ride, too.

Much Love to you,




This election calls into question an entire operating system that is our federal government and by default our local governments as well. For so many people in a society to feel that they are not making an empowered decision in support of their personal interested, beliefs, and values; but a choice between the lesser of two evils when choosing their next president, is a blaring alarm that cannot be ignored without incurring drastic consequences. For a large part of the public to succumb to picking a party candidate that is representative of a particular political agenda as opposed to societal needs, interests, and progress and have no other viable options to turn to in necessary times of change and growth because we have entrench a two-party system for this society’s most influential service industry is an indication that this system needs to be restructured, reinvented, and totally renovated. Businesses go through restructuring processes on a continuous basis to adjust to changing demands and conditions and our country’s company should be no different. The United States Corporation is not a viable investment, not financially sustainable, not keeping up with industry standards and progress, and not offering enhancement or enrichment to the community that it operators within. A business with this report would close it’s doors. A company that harmed the surrounding environment and citizens could be sued, brought to justice for its wrong doing, if it weren’t being protected by the government that was established to serve YOU.

But our government continues to implement policies to protect its own interests and devalue the work force and members that keep the machine going. And that work force is YOU. Those members that have a voice and the power to create massive change is YOU, too. And it is not by voting for the lesser of two evils. It is not by moving to Canada or sitting in your home immobilized by apathy, hopelessness, a feeling of inferiority, or refusal to engage in a broken system.

The choice those of us dissatisfied individuals have an opportunity to make is civil disobedience and making a collective effort for change in our local environments.
For the majority of human history we have managed our ability to survive or thrive within small communities where accountability and transparency are a natural byproduct of localized decision making. For those of you rolling your eyes at the idea of disassociating from the control and influence of the federal government, may I remind you that great change often, if not always, starts with small groups of like-minded people creating a demand and developing a movement for change. It is the coming together of those who do not feel represented by their social workers and servants that bring outdated practices and policies into question and, at times, abolishment. The days of waiting for a system that is the result of separation, oppression, repression, and fabricated scarcity to evolve into one that is by the people and for the people is over. The people have to demand their voices be heard, they must see the challenges and needs of the community, educate themselves on the solutions and identify the obstacles to creating those solutions.

And our governmental system, with its primary allegiance to big business and lobbyist special interests, is one major obstacle to living a thriving and empowered lifestyle.  We must understand that our right to basic survival needs is a birthright because they are required to survive in a physical body and that access to these basic needs cannot be denied anyone less we are willfully killing our family, our tribe, our brothers and sisters.
Monetaization and capitalization is only morally applicable to those goods, subjects and areas that are above and beyond our basic requirements to live which are food, water, shelter, education, health, energy, and freedom of self expression. The monetary system is useful in its ease of exchange, but when it applies to survival needs, it imprisons the population and robs every individual of their personal freedom. When applied to education it stifles the potential for growth and expression and delegates worthiness and opportunity to those individuals who have only the benefit of a valueless currency as the determining factor for advancement. When applied to health care and wellness options, it suppress the vitality of the underfunded and disables the communities’ ability to grow, develop, innovate, and expand.

It is time to express the benefits of living a border-less existence with an adherence to common core values of do no harm, maintain accountability for ones actions, and a willingness to contribute to the shared interests of the community. An understanding that to be equal is not to be the same. Acknowledging that each person has personal strengths, talents, and gifts that are encouraged, nurtured, and cultivated throughout their lifetime, with an ultimate intention of supporting each person to achieve their life purpose and offer the highest and best they are capable of to the greater good and their personal sense of fulfillment.

This is not a utopia. This is a reality that requires effort, change, re-evaluation, openness, collaboration and challenge. This is a community that thrives because of the differences that are present within the members, coupled with their common interests and shared efforts for sustainable living. A community where consensus decides how resources are distributed and individuals consciously choose to adhere to those decisions. This is a social structure that maintains a state of fluidity and allows a blending of tradition, philosophy, technology, sustainability, harmony, and responsibility based on the interests of the old, the middle aged, and the young. It allows for the natural attraction of common interests, values, and beliefs to be the foundation of each tribe with a commitment to peace, harmony, and exchange.

Many think it sounds too good to be true. Honestly, where do we begin?  Self-reflection is the starting point in this evolutionary process and you are just as accountable for the state of the world as I or anyone else. If you want to begin to divvy up the pieces of the pie based on influence and accessibility to the world stage, you are not ready to change. You are ready to blame, judge, criticize, separate, and remain inactive. We all have a piece in this mud pie that is our contribution and the sooner we can accept it, the better. You have rejected, stereotyped, lied, stolen, misused power, exaggerated truths, denied responsibility, justified bad behavior, remained silent when it was best to speak up, and said something that you had been better off to keep quiet about. These are the same things we ridicule in others. We see the others’ shortcoming while hiding, justifying, or rationalizing our own. So, own it.

Own it all. Your shadow is cast by the brilliance of what you are, a force that which is All of Creation. And we cannot go back. We can have nothing different than what is true in this moment right now. No words or excuses can change the past, why bother even talking about it. No amount of discussion can solidify a future outcome. However honest self-reflection can lead into self-direction. And that is the birthplace of real change. A constant adherence to a vision of collective thriving, connected-ness and peaceful expression can influence each and every moment, thought, action, decision, emotion, and experience. Everyday we can inquire with curiosity, not judgement, did I remember what I truly am? Did I remember what everyone around me truly is? Did I act in such a way as to express and honor that which I am and that which everyone/everything else is? Did I see the perfection in this moment? Did I contribute to its beauty? Did I meet every part of myself with love and gratitude? Am I living my values right now? Am I giving others the opportunity to falter and learn? Did I offer myself compassion when I became disconnected, distracted, dissatisfied? Do I know what I care about, want, and value?  How can I feel better? How can I connect more truly, share myself authentically, and be a loving witness to another person’s expression?

These questions, and many more that you may see immense value in asking, can offer us insights into our programming, into our inner struggles, our true preferences, and our personal suffering. How do you dishonor your brilliance? Do you have tools to shift it? What do you fill your mind, environment, body, and heart with that influences your daily thoughts and actions?

This election is not about politics or the government at the end of the day. It is about the human race. It is about our unwavering connected-ness that is deeper and further reaching than any political agenda. WE choose to remain captives adrift on the sinking ship, trapped in the house of cards crumbling around us, or pioneers exploring a new world, innovators developing a new, dynamic system, creators of a protocol that values community, vitality, health, creative expression, collaboration, adaptability, and sustainability. Change will continue whether we decide to direct it towards goals that positively impact the many or adhere to following the status quo benefiting only a fragment of the whole. What do you choose?

Much Love and Gratitude,



Reclaiming Your Presence


So often in life we ask the question why. Why am I like this? Why do I think that way? Why did this thing happen to me? Why was I treated in such a manner? Why can’t I seem to move past this thing from my past? Why does it keep influencing my current life circumstances? As a person who recalls very little of my childhood, especially the early years, needing to have answers to some of these why questions was extremely frustrating for me. How can I figure out why I am this way and what made me this way, if I can’t remember anything before the age of six? And even those memories are surely not totally accurate. I fully appreciate the fact that none of us remember what truly happened in the past. We are therefore only able to access our perceptions of the past and, more importantly, the meaning we attach to those perceptions. And those perceptions are based on the limited scope of life experience, emotional and mental maturity, momentary conditions and circumstances, established self image, and your level of presence at the time of the event. Needless to say, we get it wrong, a lot. Now, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have much life experience when I was a child. I also wasn’t super mature emotionally and mentally, although I was ahead of the curve according to the adults in my life. But that was only their perception, which I absorbed and took on as a expectation to act like an adult. What people meant as a compliment and I received as one, with my young mind became a mission to be responsible, composed, articulate, sophisticated, and intelligent. My identity, through no fault of anyone involved, became tied to how people perceived me and that they saw me as mature and wise beyond my years. Goodbye childhood, hello self-consciousness.


So, why am I talking about the past in an article entitled “Reclaiming your Presence”? Because most of us maintain old patterns by keeping them active in our present. We talk about the past, as I just did above, and apply it to our present circumstances. “I can’t connect with my inner child because she was acting like a grown-up at age 6”, that kind of stuff. We question what from the past is making us behave in the present in this way or that way. We excuse our habits and behaviors with explanations from the past. We reference the past when we are currently not in the present we wish to be. We use it to explain relationships patterns, job situations, personal financial stability or lack there of, sabotaging behaviors, outlooks on this subject or that topic. In essence, we make the past the most influential component for our current reality, that is most often times, less than desired. It is not unlike using a VCR to play movies and wondering why you haven’t seen anything new. Because they don’t make new movies on VCR tapes, they are on DVD’s now, and soon we will only we able to watch something new and current on BlueRay. The same is true about the past. Sure you are welcome to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the 10,000 time, if you want, but the story will begin, unfold, and end the same. There is no way around it. Now, if you want the excitement of watching a story unfold right in front of your eyes with only the clues of a developing story and your intuition to guide you towards what may happen next, you need to update your equipment to the latest and newest model. You have to go to the rental store and pick a movie based on a short blurb and one or two pictures of the story within it. I understand we can all watch movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but you get the metaphor, right. We re-experience things similar to the past because we keep it close to us and dominant in our thinking, simple as that.


Now, it may not seem all that easy to shift out of this pattern of constantly referencing the past to prepare for what may be coming around the bend, but since you have gotten this far, chances are you are ready for a change. You are at least willing to entertain the opportunity to approach life differently. And that is what this blog is about. It is about reclaiming your presence, through the exercise of positive present thinking. The mind can carry you anywhere you want to go. Though it has been training for all the human races’ existence to seek out danger and avoid it, it has also been contemplating its existence, its power, its purpose, and its evolution. The power of presence is contingent on your ability to focus the power of the mind on the present conditions with an openness for solutions, wisdom, insights, and potential growth and expansion. Now, these things are happening all the time. However, the distractions of the past and our tendency to overlay current circumstances onto the templates of our past experiences creates a confusing, muddled understanding, and clouds the clarity of the moment. Maybe you are having this argument with your lover, not because he is just like the last guy you dated, not because you are afraid of commitment because your parents had a nasty divorce; but because you have trigger points in your personality and he just hit one. Now that you haven’t dragged a lifetime of baggage into the moment, you can meet it as it is. “What you just said triggered me. I am feeling extremely defensive and wanting to leave this situation or retaliate or become aloof until I feel you have redeemed yourself.” Imagine owning everything in the present as the exact right thing to be happening in the present for your present growth, without any reference to the past. From this space, I have experienced such clarity on patterns and habits, because I am not attaching all this old content to current experiences, and you can, too. It creates the space to have epiphanies and ah ha moments about those tendencies that always seemed so elusive and mysterious before because you aren’t distracted with telling all the back story.

So, here is the exercise to try this inclusive approach to living in and reclaiming your presence.

  1. Be a witness to your thinking and dialoguing for the next seven days. (If you want extra credit, do it for 21 days straight and your life will never be the same) This is an exercise in every sense of the word, because it is a new mental muscle that must be strengthen through continuous effort, practice, and enthusiasm. Attempt to stop this pattern of applying or referencing the past within 7 seconds or less.
  2. Notice each time you reference, refer to, comment about, or explain any current situation using past experiences. This isn’t just what we say out loud, either. The dialogue going on inside is just as important to monitor and redirect. (Remember your 7 second time limit to shift focus) A great question to ask yourself when that developed habit wants to dominate again is, “What about this situation is useful to me right now?” “What is the lesson in this experience for me right now?” Imagine you had amnesia and could only use current experiences to explain, address, and inform your current inner reality.
  3. Take all other people off the responsibility roster and leave only one name, “Self”. Whether or not our beliefs and habits were born out of the environment we were born into is irrelevant. Progress begins with accountability. And to be accountable is to acknowledge and own every circumstance and situation you find yourself in at this very moment right now. So own it. This is not to be confused with blame. Responsibility is empowerment. It is the freedom to show up and response to life on your own terms, regardless of background and back story. YOU are the response-able party now and forever more. Free yourself from the shackles of the blame game.
  4. Have fun and don’t stop the exercise until you have seven days in a row that you focus and succeed at allowing only present experience to relate to your present self. Reclaim your presence with your focus, curiosity, and gentle ease and grace.

Much Love to you all,


P.S. I am opening up the FaceBook page to everyone to relate your process with this challenge and share your insights and obstacles. Join the movement. Share Your Presence.

A Huge Impact


The MKMMA program has impacted every area of my life for the better.  As I developed a more defined and clear sense of who I was and what I truly wanted in life, through the exercises, materials, and processes laid out in the program, all the previous work and personal development I had done blended together into a cohesive system I could apply to anything.  Having a problem in a relationship?  How about at work?  Want more money?  Feel like you would be happy if only you were health?  Whatever the case may be…it applies to that.

zen mediation can happen anywhere

What do you want?  What do you need to do to create the environment for that thing you want?  Where can you put your focus that is in harmony with your desired manifestation?  Now here are all the tools to execute your objective with consistency and ease.  BAM!  The MKMMA program provides the template.  YOU fill in the wants, dreams, desires, and wishes.  YOU create the ideal outcome, redefine it, clarify it, and then put one foot in front of the other on the path that is laid out for you, and soon enough, you arrive at your destination.  But, trust me, once you get started, you won’t be able to stop using the tools and getting to the next threshold, the next goal, the next manifestation.  The system is so user-friendly and empowering, as you must do your part and feel the enthusiasm inside you as you create your life, that you will want to use it for every area of your life.  I know I have.  And, I have discovered that what I am really doing with this amazing tool is shedding all my conditioning and false intentions to reveal the true essence of myself and hear my soul’s beautiful voice calling me to engage in my life’s purpose.  This was my core intention in beginning the program, and I succeed in achieving that ultimate goal with my exposure to the MKMMA experience. 

Much Love to YOU



Learn more about joining the movement at MKMMA Experience



Tomorrow I embark once again on a fantastic journey, with anticipation and, let’s be honest, trepidation.  Leaving behind such creature comforts as paved roads, central air conditioning, and a plethora of commerce and shopping options for the jungles of Costa Rica.  The dirt and gravel paths that are locally referred to as roads combined with the feeling that if you didn’t bring it you may not get it until you come back to the consumer culture of the Unites States is fresh in my mind.  This is not one way is better than the other comparisons, it is just the reality of moving from mainstream city living to off grid rural living.  Comfort is exchanged for connection.  Manmade variety is replaced with nature’s biodiversity beyond anything one could imagine.  Fast pace, external-based accomplishment culture is traded for inner knowing and a commitment to personal growth and enlightenment.  This is life in an eco-village.

And what does this word, enlightenment, mean.  The first time I travelled to Costa Rica, I defined enlightenment as achieving a state of unconditional love, gratitude, with an understanding and expression of one’s life purpose with totally clarity.  No tall order, right.  Now that I have had another few years of life experience to define that word, it has become something very different.  I now define enlightenment without the destination aspect of the first attempt.  You see, the first definition had an end point, a final destination, no room for expansion with that original perspective.  But the universe is constantly expanding, changing, developing, collapsing, and then reforming; as all are things.  Everything is constantly dying and being reborn, consuming and creating, giving and receiving.  I thought, a few years ago, that I would reach the goal, enlightenment, and then things would be pretty easy from then on out.  Unconditional love, gratitude, and understanding of life purpose, check, now ride the wave of, oh crap, predictability?  That doesn’t sound fun.  What happened to the mystery, the unknown, the infinite void, the drive of uncertainty and curiosity, the opportunities for trust, faith and vulnerability?  Well, they are back full force, this time around.  This adventure is a sweet combination of knowledge and intrigue.  This time around I am more prepared for the environment that awaits me and yet nearly emptied of expectation and agenda. 

Now, I actually enjoy the process of discovering hidden depths within myself, writing and then reading the Divinely revised chapters of my life.  I am not racing to the last page to, “see what happens.’  Another thing I noticed about the previous concept of enlightenment was my lack of adhering to those qualities in the present consistently.  It was as if I had to achieve Nirvana and then I could love myself exactly the way I was.  Until then, the tried and true approach of failing to make the most of the present with worries, judgements, fears, inaction, and excuses would have to do.  Once I became enlightened, though, everything, by everything I mean me, would be perfect.  Not shockingly, I was living in the future, holding onto a dream that couldn’t quiet make its way into my reality because it was over there and I was, well right here, not being in the moment. 

But one day, I would finally achieve some level of consciousness that opened up the secrets of my life purpose to me and then begin to live it; negating the fact that I was indeed, living my life purpose in that very moment.  Then the realization came; everything that was happening; the good, the bad, the annoying, and the painful was all part of the process of living my fullest potential.  If I wasn’t working on my gifts that only I had the ability to offer the world, I was address the obstacles that were standing between me and that expression.  I was always working my way down the path and when I was present, I was receiving the lessons that life had to offer me in real time.  Now, that is pretty important life purpose work, if you ask me. 

And the same is true for all of us, if you aren’t working on your soul’s mission in this moment or even this lifetime, you are certainly preparing for the big show.  Performances don’t just happen in a moment, they take time, effort, practice, and resources.  All works of art, regardless of their origin have a before, now, and after.  And enlightenment, loving all that is, and expressing your perfection for all of existence’s benefit (including yours) is no different.  So, no matter where you find yourself in relationship to curtain call, you are right on cue.  Break a leg, figuratively speaking.  Hopefully I won’t actually break a leg as getting around the jungle isn’t ease on crutches, and I have an adventure in my immediate future to prepare for tonight.  Be well, enjoy the now, and shine your brillance dear friends.

Much Love and Gratitude,



Hello, Old Friend


Hi there, self sabotage.  Good day to you, limited beliefs, I see you brought your friends, disempowerment and self judgment.  How good of you all to join me at this most pivotal time in my life.  I see you are neither gone, nor forgotten.  And I am glad to see you, to be honest.  You are the perfect excuse to stop moving forward on the Heroine’s Journey.  You are my favorite companions when I want to slide back into procrastination and inaction.  You are always there for me when I want to play it safe and stay in the known.  It is a privilege and an honor to know you, sweet, succulent temptations of mediocrity.  Now that I have you all here, along with the ever present ringleader, Fear, I would like to make it clear how we will be proceeding in our relationship from here on out.

I, Jen Daniels, am a dynamic, powerful being with infinite resources and support available to me at all times.  Even though we have been companions for many years and I have found solace and comfort in your presence, that is no longer the case.  The child that befriended you has developed into a woman who can stand tall in the face of change.  She has the inner strength and confidence to meet challenges and obstacles with openness, curiosity, and trust in herself and the Universal Intelligence that animates all things.  So, as much as I appreciate the role you have played in my life, I choose now to let you influence change and expansion for someone else’s journey of self discovery.  I claim my independence and release the feelings of obligation to remain the same, my allegiance to maintain this relationship dynamic with all of you.  And, if times arise where you come back to check in with me, to see if I truly mean what I say here and now, then I will greet you with love and gratitude.  I will bid you a safe journey.  I will offer my blessing that you will impact others in such a way that they are led to self love, acceptance, and courage as you did for me.  I will include you in this process of living life in the vulnerable state of this physical world, but you will be an old acquaintance, no longer a companion or confidant.  I am eternally grateful for the catalyst for self realization you have all been for me.

Much Love and Many Thanks,



MKMMA Momentum is Stilling Going Strong


For those of you readers interested in sustainable forward momentum towards self realization and personal fulfillment, seriously consider participating in the next MKMMA experience.  I will forewarn you that it requires your commitment, effort, and surrender of all the things that hold you back.  But I can also reassure you that all the component you will need to do that and continue to do it after the program ends are provided and easy to implement in this program.

So, what is my life looking like these days?  Well, I am super excited to share an update on the book I’m writing.  I reached my first goal in writing my book last week.  I have written 60,000 plus words as of now, which translates into roughly 200 pages of content.  I am now taking a beautiful vacation in Myrtle Beach and staying right on the beach.  I will return home at the end of the week to sit down and write up my book proposal to submit to some literary agencies, get an agent, and begin the process of reaching out to publishing companies about the project.  Then, as suggested by Stephen King, I will put the project down for a month or two before editing. In the meantime, I will begin working on another writing project, because now that I have claimed the author in me, the momentum is building and growing around this passion of mine.  And the turning point came for me near the end of the MKMMA program.  I was picked as the featured blog of the week and felt a deep acknowledgement of my skill and joy of writing.  I finally had built the confidence and trust in myself to pursue the career of published author.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Another huge change that was supercharged throughout the MKMMA experience is my living situation.  My son and I have been moving and rooming with friends, family, or in minimalistic accommodations like a hut in Costa Rica for the past four years.  I am now ready, excited, and secure in the next step of our evolution; getting a place of our own.  I will be renting a house or condo for us next month.  Additionally, I am relocating to a new job that promises to be challenging and enriching in an area of the world where some of my closest friends, my tribe, live.  All in all, it promises to be another expansive and enlightening year for me and I feel more self assured and secure in this change that I have in a long time.  The self-trust and self reliance that I cultivated over the past few years, reaching its pinnacle the past eight months has been nothing short of miraculous and the momentum is still going strong.

I am especially excited about the community endeavors that I will be establishing and building on in our new city.  I wish all my companions on this journey of self discovery all the joy, peace, and enthusiasm you can contain while you build your unique and valuable dream life.  Dream on, dreamers.

Much Love,



The Inclusive Approach


I am unveiling here and now, the premise of my new book.  It is the culmination of all my decade long search for an attitude and method to living live to the fullest on my own terms, in harmony with the laws of the universe and expression of my life purpose in accordance with my truest self.  The philosophy is called The Inclusive Approach and it is based on a non-resistant, directed, intentional approach to living.  The core intention being inclusivity.  Not leaving out or rejecting any part of the Whole.  It is the implementation of the truth that we are all One, of the One, expressing the One, and experiencing the One.  An inclusive approach to life requires attention to being receptive, open, and discerning.  The discerning component is necessary as an effort to focus the majority of your attention and mental concentration on those things within you and around you that is in harmony with your ideals.  This, as a results help you gain momentum in the direction of your dreams and desires on a regular basis, as opposed to doing it in spurts of inspiration peppered into a daily norm of stress, dissatisfaction, or indifference.  I am exceedingly excited to share this book and its concepts with my readers and fellow seekers in the world of personal discovery.  This approach takes the inner journey into every aspect of your life by making inclusivity and acceptance of all things a top priority.  By extension, making all life circumstances, events, happenings, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, and interactions merely a constantly developing, shifting, and evolving information stream that supports your ability to direct and redirect attention and efforts at any given moment.

The MKMMA experience, along with other powerful materials, my own personal life experiences and inner journey and development all contributed to the inception of this material.  Now I am in the process of outlining the layout of the book and writing the content.  I am enjoying the process of putting these concept onto paper, refining the delivery of the information, and sharing my personal story along the way.  I feel so grateful to be able to share myself with the literary world and have the opportunity to impact readers on their own unique version of expression and expansion.  I will continue to post highlights from the book during the writing process for you to read and offer feedback, comments, and thoughts.  You are the community that is in resonance with me and my message, so I am ever open and grateful for your sharing.

Much Love,



Week 25 – applying the knowledge

This woman is an inspiration


Once again I’m finding it hard to put my words into a constructive 400 word blurb.  This last week has been a wonderful continuation of the MKMMA… I feel having spent the last 6 months engrossed in changed in a conscious way.. there is no going back.  It is now a part of my being and I am totally grateful for that.   I am doing the work and I am committed.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I know now how to get there.  

I have done many therapies, readings, healings, courses, et, etc (loads of etc’s) to gain more awareness in the field of the spiritual journey..(seeking happiness and inner peace).. but … I didn’t commit to the practices religiously and consciously everyday.  I did for a week or two but then the old blueprint would kick back in slowly and take…

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Exciting News


After completing the MKMMA experience and spending the past 5 months discovering, clarifying, claiming, and empowering my ‘Definite Major Purpose’ in life, also referred to as my dharma; I am so excited to announce that I am writing a book.  Throughout this program, I realized that writing was one of my profound methods of connecting with Totality (my word to describe God or All That IS) and myself.  It is a passion that I am transforming into a calling and intending to develop into my vocation.

The book is still in the formulation process, however, I am starting to find a structure within the content I wish to share and know that it will include topics such as parenting, travel, intentional living, holistic living, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, with a bit of electronica peppered in here and there.  In short, it is a book about life, living consciously, developing harmonious relationships, the search within, and, most importantly, discovering and expressing ones personal brand of creative, self expression.

I have recently sent a questionnaire to some established intentional communities to request some wisdom, insights, and feedback about what works and doesn’t for their group.  I am really looking forward to reading what they share and including this valuable information in the book.  So far, the response to the questionnaire has been very positive.  I will include my own personal experience living in an eco-village in Costa Rica throughout the book and plan to visit some villages this summer to do additional research and interviews.  My ultimate goal with this material is to support readers in achieving a deeper level of connection with themselves, families, communities, and environment.  As we achieve greater levels of authentic expression, we evolve the relationships we have in every area of our external world.

I will be sharing bits and pieces of the book here on this blog throughout the process of writing it.  Your sincere feedback and input is welcome.  Be well and enjoy the now.

Much Love and Gratitude,